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Terms of Use

We created this microsite to introduce Halyard to the world, and you are cordially invited to share the images on it. Our only conditions are that you do not modify them, you credit Darden Studio, and you do not extract the font files.

All copyrights in the contents of our website are owned by us or have been licensed to us by third-party licensors.

All rights in our products, font names, service marks and trade names (including Darden Studio, Joshua Darden Shop and Joshua Darden Studio) belong exclusively to us. National and international trademark laws prohibit the reproduction, imitation, dilution, or confusing uses of them by anyone without our authorization.

Site Development

Quinn Keaveney and Propulsion Labs.

Web Site Design and Typography

Eben Sorkin and Quinn Keaveney.

Copy and Project Management

Joyce Ketterer and Daniel Summers, Jr.

Complete Halyard Family

Complete family conceived by Joshua Darden. Display designed by Joshua Darden. Text and Micro designed by Joshua Darden, Eben Sorkin and Lucas Sharp. With advice from Gerry Leonidas; advice and assistance from Antonio Cavedoni. Production assistance by Viktoriya Grabowska and Noam Berg. Kerning of Display by Viktoriya Grabowska. Kerning of Micro and Text by iKern. Project management by Joyce Ketterer.